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STANDARD FORM RECOMMENDED BY: Music Publisher s Association of the United States, and National Music Publisher s Association, Inc. --------REQUEST FOR PERMISSION TO ARRANGE-------PART 1 Instructions
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what's going on guys this is Marilyn welcome to the new video tutorial in this video tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a multimeter login form in CSV using my circle database and redirect to the different pages based on the usual role so in the process of developing a web application that is targeting for a multiple user that they can login into the web application you need to create a different user login in your web application and must define a different a role of its individual and then it is added to the different pages when they log into the web application by using your Associated username and password so when the individual log into the web application using their account they need to exist only their web pages means normal users should not exist the admin web pages so the perfect example of this multi user login system is a Facebook so let's do it first of all you need to have any text addicted editing software like a dream ever or notepad or notepad plus plus or sublime takes I am using Dreamweaver CC and if you are new to PSP and new to dream over CC first of all you need to define the site in testing server in your DM or cc so now you can watch the previous video the link is in the description I'm considering that you have a basic knowledge of PSP and basic knowledge of which server application you need to install in your system and which executing software unity in Eastern in your software so I am using Dreamweaver CC as I told you so go to file click on new and then it's like PHP and then click quit first of all we are going to design the form inside the body part our title goes to multi-user inside body we're going to use the form form method is equal to first and inside the form I'm going to use the table tag set the table we are going to design our form so table have the table draw inside this table row table data and then her goods username first of all I am going to change the appearance color so that you can watch the video clearly input type is equal to text them is equal to user and and then placeholder is equal to enter your username and in another table row table data and Herbert's password input type is equal to text I'm going to use text but you should use password and name is equal to pass placeholder is equalto enter your password and here we need to display the different user rule so for this again TR TD and here I'm going to select user type and her sleep tops on sleep name is equal to user type and here goes the different option option value is equal to admin I'm going to use the two per user in my system and then option value is equal to the user per good user now here in foot type is equal to submit name is equal to log in value is equal to log in so just save it if you watch the previous video you must know who to save this file and I'm considering that you'll know all of the basic knowledge parties are login and then click Save now right click open...